Injuries: I understand and voluntarily accept the risk and agree that Hoopdrillz will not be liable for any injury including without limitation, personal, bodily or mental injury and economic loss. I consent to and authorize Hoopdrillz representative to administer or arrange for appropriate medical treatment in circumstances where it is necessary.

I understand that Hoopdrillz, or employees, representatives, independent contractors working for or in partnership with Hoopdrillz and the facility cannot be held responsible in whole or in part for any accidents, illness or injuries resulting in medical or dental expenses incurred from attending Hoopdrillz.

I agree to waive my rights to any and all claims, costs, liabilities and injuries incurred while within the venue. I agree to assume full and complete responsibility for any and all medical bills arising from attendance at the venue. In the event of any emergency, I authorize Hoopdrillz to exercise its judgment in the treatment by a medical authority.

Medical Conditions: I agree to be forthcoming with any pre-existing or new medical conditions and/or injuries. Failure to communicate any condition, will waive any liability on Hoopdrillz. If I am pregnant or have recently given birth, I will seek medical advice before participating, and acknowledge that some activities may not be suitable for pregnant or post-natal women.