Terms & Conditions

Use of Facility: I agree upon booking or entering the Hoopdrillz facility, that I will adhere to the rules and guidelines in place. I recognize that failure to do so may result in removal, or suspension from the venue. Actions resulting in removal from the premises will include; vandalism, inappropriate language, misuse of equipment, physical violence, or intimidating mistreatment of staff, disturbing the peace or abuse of other members or customers of any form.


I recognize that anything you share with us is regarded as confidential, whether it is business or personal information. We undertake not to, at any time, either directly or indirectly, use or disclose any information you share with us.



I agree that upon purchasing a membership I am abiding by the Hoopdrillz terms and conditions, and agree to make all necessary payments as required. All underage memberships must be purchased by a parent or guardian. Cancellations: I agree to provide a minimum one month notice on the cancellation of any membership with a minimum term commitment.

Children Under 12

Athletes 12 years of age or under will require an adult (parent, guardian or designated adult over 18 years) to sign in and out of the facility.


I accept that I can not transfer any funds, credits or bookings to any other individual, including family and friends, and that if found to so do, may lead to loss of membership, removal from venue or suspension from venue, at the discretion of Hoopdrillz.


I agree to undertake an onsite induction with a Hoopdrillz employee or contractor to ensure that I nderstand the safe and appropriate use of all equipment and technology.


I agree that Hoopdrillz may, in our absolute discretion, change these terms and conditions from time to time without notice to you, and acknowledge that if any part of any of these terms and conditions is void, then the part that is void may be severed.