Our Mission

Hoopdrillz was founded to become a haven for basketball players with a genuine passion to get better. We’re building a community of players, coaches and program alums that motivate, mentor, support and most importantly, hold each other accountable.

Hoopdrillz training programs are adaptable to all player ages and profiles, breaking down each skill into executable action items and then layering the skills on top of each other to form a fundamentally sound skill set that can be polished from school all the way to the pro level. Laser-focused attention to detail, there’s nothing quite like it.

Group Training

Group training sessions are 60 minutes long and can be purchased individually or in packs. With a maximum number of 6 participants per group training session, our coaches can make sure proper attention is distributed to all players. The primary focus of these sessions is establishing and developing skills such as dribbling, shooting, passing, pivoting and defensive footwork.

Depending on the level of each group, as the focus criteria is met, the concepts are then put into application in a controlled, game-like scrimmage.

Individual Training

Individual training sessions are 60 minutes long and are tailor made to fit the player’s abilities. Once a player’s skill level and understanding of the game are established, the coach will work with them at the best pace suitable for efficient growth based on the goals and level of commitment displayed by the player.

We also offer special individual training sessions for adults. Either for improving basketball skills or to get (or stay) in shape while playing the game they love.


Basketball camps are a fun and unique way for players to enhance their skills, create bonding experiences and gain a better appreciation for the game of basketball. Hoopdrillz camps always have a specific focus, determined on what time of the year they are set on, and challenge players into becoming more disciplined and goal oriented when preparing for a short-time goal. While the tempo, physicality and workload are all taken to 11, basketball is always supposed to be fun first and foremost, so games, competitions and events are part of the experience.

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Basketball is always evolving. From changing international rules to the game adapting to trends and technological improvements, every player and coach needs to keep an eye on the basketball landscape to ensure that they have the edge on the competition.

At Hoopdrillz, we have a strong appreciation for how global the game has become and thanks to phenoms like Luka Doncic, no aspect can be ignored. Clinics allow our coaches to share information that goes beyond drills and workouts into opportunities for players and coaches on and off the court.

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Some training programs require a layered approach, others lean more towards game-speed rhythm and pace, but there’s nothing quite like a competition to showcase what you’ve learned and earn bragging rights.

Hoopdrillz tournaments are organized with the primary purpose of creating a balance between the work you put in and how good you feel when it pays off. For younger players, it’s a fun environment to compete in and feel motivated for the work they put in towards achieving their goals and we feel that there’s always a lesson to be learned in either victory or defeat, which helps build a strong bond between Hoopdrillz members as they support and motivate each other.

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Marius Williams


Coach Marius Williams

Marius is a Concordia University Ann Arbor alum that has dedicated his professional career to training both kids and pros into developing fundamental and advanced basketball skills.

As a coach, he’s very adaptable to each player’s pace and thanks to his multi-sport training background, he has the ability to break down every move or drill into executable action items that give his players a better understanding of how to master them. Getting better every day is the name of the game.

Vlad Moldoveanu


Coach Vlad Moldoveanu

An American University alum and former professional basketball player for 12 years, Vlad has won multiple national championships in different countries throughout Europe and has enjoyed stints in both FIBA Euroleague and EuroCup on his way to being named the best Romanian player by the Romanian Basketball Federation on several occasions.

Vlad is a game-savvy player-turned-coach and he’s on a mission to empower players by sharing his deep understanding and knowledge of the global game. He has a passion for mentoring and helping others bring their skills to new heights.

Trusted by Players & Parents

Been working with Marius 2 weeks now, already seeing results and most importantly feeling like I’m getting better overall. Crazy feel for the game on the details, footwork, balance, posture, noticing the weaknesses in your game and making you more of a complete player.

I can't say enough good things about Marius. He is an amazing teacher and has gone above and beyond to help my son improve his game. My son has not only improved tremendously, but also gained a ton of self confidence. If you're on the fence about signing your kid up, you need to try one lesson and I guarantee you'll be signing up for more.

I already feel an improvement in my game in just a few weeks! Attention to detail is amazing! The atmosphere and energy is also great. I feel like its a judgment free zone and because of that, I can work on new things without feeling the pressure to be perfect. He found out the reason my shot has been so inconsistent in literally one session when many coaches have tried to figure out for years.

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How long is a session?

Every Hoopdrillz session is 60 minutes, whether you sign up for group sessions or individual sessions.

Where do I sign up?

You can consult our class schedule and also sign up here.

How many players are in a group session?

We train players in groups of six. This allows for a balance between individual work and team play.

How many players are in individual sessions?

Individual sessions are 1-on-1, meaning you have the full attention of one of our coaches for a full hour.

How much does it cost to sign up for a session?

Please consult our membership page here for pricing.

How do I find out if you have classes for players my kid’s age?

Hoopdrillz currently trains players as young as 9, all the way up to adults. Please contact us for a full schedule.

Do you have teams that participate in competitions?

We do not have teams right now. Hoopdrillz is completely focused on helping players improve on fundamentals.

Get off the sidelines.

Every day you wait is a day you could be getting closer to your basketball goals.

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